What to expect on your first visit…

Walking into a new place can be anxiety provoking for many, especially a counseling office. Thoughts may go through your mind such as…Will they like me? Will they think I am crazy? Will I be judged?

At Sandbox Family Counseling our goal is to treat everyone by the Golden Rule, as we would also want to be treated. Compassion, integrity, confidentiality, and a positive spirit are requirements for anyone on the Sandbox Family Counseling team.

When you walk in for your first visit, you will be greeted by your name, offered water or coffee, as well as a comfortable seat where you will complete a few forms. Depending on the day, you will either hear relaxing spa like music, or if it is gloomy out perhaps even some Tropical tunes like Jimmy Buffet to brighten the mood!

For families bringing in a child for their first session, we will take a tour of the playroom where your child will receive a sticker chart to track each session. These stickers are colorful, smiley faces where they can write their name and embellish. It is important that each child knows their work in the playroom is important. By tracking their sessions this way, it gives them a sense of accomplishment! In the playroom, they lead the session just as an adult leads their ‘talk therapy’ sessions. I will guide your child and help them sort out their feelings. Even if they choose to talk about the latest video game, I will find a way to relate it back to their life.

Whether you are 2 or 92, you will be treated with kindness and hopefully leave with a smile on your face and a hop in your step! 

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