How Using a Card Game Promotes Conversation

Playing games as a family is a fun and engaging activity that many of us may recall from our childhood; evenings playing board games or card games, having friends over and playing games, etc. But our “play” has changed over the past several years as we are now playing on tablets making eye-contact with a screen instead of another person. Because of our technology driven world, it is more important than ever to turn off the devices and take time to interact with our kids~ face to face.


I now introduce to you, Exploding Kittens!
My family first discovered “Exploding Kittens” on a Kick Starter campaign, and seeing that we have 3 cats thought it was just something funny to purchase. Little did we know it would become a vital part of Play Therapy!

In the pictures you will see “Action” oriented cards such as: NOPE, DEFUSE, FAVOR, SKIP, ATTACK, SEE THE FUTURE, and an EXPLODING KITTEN.

The goal of the game is to be the last one “alive” and to attempt at getting the most DEFUSE cards so that you do not EXPLODE. For more details, you can find this game on Amazon and even some Target Stores.

Conversation Game Changers
Let’s be honest, we have all wanted to avoid/ignore things in life (SKIP), tell people No (NOPE), talk-back or shove (ATTACK), ask for help (FAVOR), perhaps smooth over a situation (DEFUSE), and sometimes we all feel as if we may “Explode.” We also would like to “See the Future” and know what lies ahead for us.

Using these cards wordage and this game as a way to talk about these feelings is not only fun, it is a way to normalize our many emotions and see what our kids think about certain situations.

Pretty soon you may hear your child say, “I Noped that” in regards to peer pressure, or “I felt like I needed and Attack card, but I was able to Defuse myself by taking a deep breath or walking way.” You may even use this with your kids as a visual and hold up a Defuse card when things get heated.

For more ideas on how to use this as a fun tool in your family, contact Meridith at 920-725-3505. Enjoy!!

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