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The office will be closing on November 30, 2017

Meridith is taking a "Recess Break" to PLAY more with her son, family, and friends.
 Current and past clients are welcome to contact Meridith via email or phone;
both of which are listed on this site for further assistance. Please don't be a
stranger and visit again soon for further updates! 


If your child is having trouble coping at school or at home, HELP is HERE!

We provide support and guidance for your child and family.

Our Approach

As your advocate, we will go the extra mile to develop the very best solution for your child. We get to the heart of the matter by using a Play Therapy approach where your child can express frustration, challenges, and other thoughts in a fun, safe, and warm environment. Once we understand the deeper issues, we form a plan that includes interim behavior modifications and coping strategies as we address the bigger picture and move towards a better place.

Schedule an appointment within the week.

When a child is struggling, each day counts. Waiting for months for an opening at a crowded mental health center is not an option. At SFC, we truly understand the urgency, so we strive to get you an appointment with our Play Therapist and counselor within a week.

Each Child Counts!

When you walk into our office, you will be greeted by our warm, friendly staff that knows your name. Your sessions are an important, personal experience, and each minute of the session is dedicated to your child’s therapy and well-being.

Everyone needs an advocate.

You can lean on us. It can be overwhelming and exhausting trying to figure out the next steps on how to help your child. While each child’s situation is unique, navigating through mental health is our specialty. The solution may take other resources and specialists. We connect you with them and help you efficiently navigate through the process. Parental support groups are also available where parents can connect and support each other.

Support for Families

When one family member is struggling, other family members struggle, too. Often times, parents and siblings need guidance on how to react or help modify behavior. It takes a family approach because it’s a family issue.

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Play Therapy Works!

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